Pool not showing on adapools?

Hi there,

My pool - Ticker: KSTRL - is not showing up on adapools. I can find it if I search for the pool id but cannot find it by name or ticker and the pool page does not display the metadata. The pool shows up on pooltool and daedalus, they both seem to be able to find the metadata file.

I have read through the other topics on this issue and tried the solutions but cannot find a fix. I have checked that the metadata hash matches the original file hash, uploaded the extended metadata file etc.

I have also been able to delegate to the pool with a different wallet using Yoroi.

Any tips or advice on how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated!



If u have an account on adapools.org, log in then:

go to dashboard - manage - meta and check if the metafile is valid



@Alexd1985 I’m having the same issue, our pool is not showing up on adapools.org. I did create an account, but I do not see a “manage” or “meta” tab anywhere. The ticker is MPOT, and I do not see it in the list of pools that I can “claim” under the SPO tab.

Also our pool does not show up on pool.vet either. However it does pull up on https://pooltool.io/

Any clue how to further diagnose the issue? I did realize we didn’t have the topologyUpdater.sh script running on our relay, but I just got that running today (maybe 5 hours ago).

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@Alexd1985 Thanks for the reply. That’s cool! But how did you find that? Just by appending the pool ID to the URL adapools(dot)org/pool/… ?

I cannot find it by navigating around the site. Is there a reason I’m unable to find it in the pool grid on the homepage, or the “Claim your pool” dropdown list of pools?

My bad, I found it by using the search bar in the site header. Not sure why I can’t claim it though. I pinged them on Twitter, and I’ll keep searching the web. Thanks for your help!

For anyone interested, I’m pretty confident I figured out the reason why our pool wasn’t pulling up on the homepage of adapools.org and not pulling up in the list of pools to claim, and also not pulling up in pool.vet! It was because when we did our command:

cardano-cli stake-pool registration-certificate …

to register our stake pool, we had a typo in the value for parameter --pool-relay-ipv4

I noticed when I went to update the meta file and pledge amount, and since I corrected it and submitted, all has been pulling up in the above!


Try that