Stakepool Meta not showing in Yoroi but on adapools

Hi Guys,

i just wondered. i finally created my staking pool one week ago. on adapools and pooltool i can see my pool perfectly fine with ticker and description. But in yoroi wallet and it doesnt display the ticker and description.

what is strange though, wenn i search for my ticker in yoroi i’ll find my pool inlcuding ticker and description. but when i delegate ada to it on the overview page it says “unknown pool”.

will this resolve by itself or do i need to maybe resubmit the poolmeta again with a transaction?


thanks in advance for your help!

What do u mean? Ur pool is available on yoroi



Thanks Alex for looking into it. Yes the pools metadata is shown there in the list but if you delegate ADA to it on the overview tab it says “unknown pool” aswell here: c479f07a82b014d8fc08caa5f885bd39711df7027b64ac1c31dc083e - Cardanoscan

it does not show up my metadata.


Wait few hours, maybe needs time to sync

Ok, but i wait since 6 Days. Thats why i want to investigate what’s the problem.

How come the costs showing 18%? I’ve seen several new pools have 17% and above, however I don’t see the numbers add up. Anybody knows?

Usually when the pool is marked as “unknown” or in Daedalus drops from the stake pool section and turns into “unknown” it is due to the operator changing something on their meta data for the pool and not updating their hosted file which verifies ownership of the pool.

Once they update / correct this information so that their associated “meta hash” in these files match again the pool will show in the wallets again. If you can make contact with the pool owner to inform them of the issue via their means of contact website / social media.

Can u show me the metadata url?

Hi Alex,

yes sure i hosted the metadata here

Weird, it looks ok; can u try to delete the spaces and upload again


what you mean with spaces? i can’t find spaces in the json. but yes i need to update my meta anyway i’ll submit it again maybe it will fix all of this. thank you for you help!

I see spaces after each :
try to delete them

hm i checked some other working pools meta data json. they all have spaces. i can try but i think it is not causing the problem.

yes, it was just a suggestion, try to upload again the metadata and check after… who knows maybe it will work after, I checked and you don’t have errors on SMASH server… so yea it’s weird

I figured out your metadata hash and made a request to the SMASH server:
No result was received. It means you haven’t registered the certificate with new metadata and new hash.

I have resubmited the certificate with updated meta informations now. it looks like this time it worked. oh maybe your check was in conflict with my new registration because i had a new hash of the metadata


So, perhaps a bug… or something went wrong … who knows;

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