Does anybody knows why even though the data for my pool is ok in adapools and when searching in Yoroi, when looking in the dashboard where the ADAs are delegated in Yoroi, it says UNKNOWN POOL.



In my experience it takes Yoroi longer to pick up the metadata, even though it is using adapools to scrap the data. Check after a few more hours.

Change your --metadata-hash to 274c2de6bb289dc2bf4c78d8602d39d0cf8ee24ce8cb0d656356800454ef181c and resubmit your pool registration. That will fix it for you.

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Thanks, but where is that hash coming from? I calculated the hash for my metadata using the cardano-cli, but the number is different. I just re-checked it and it’s correct, but it’s not that one.

The hash you are calculating 5b5fe64a4082feb29f6bfeb078a279ae2782e491ee51d739a3c97918a95387b0 is incorrect. I generated the correct hash by querying the ledger directly for you which is 274c2de6bb289dc2bf4c78d8602d39d0cf8ee24ce8cb0d656356800454ef181c. The cause is the uploaded JSON is different than your local machine, usually EOL is removed by GitHub for example.


I see, the problem was with the EOLs in the metadata file.
Thank you very much for your help, I would never have thought that was the problem.

The old tricky hash.

Remember you don’t need to pay the 500 Ada deposit when you resubmit pool registration .


You’re welcome, please mark as a solution for others that may come across this problem.

Thank you, could you please elaborate how you query the ledger directly? We have this pool and experiencing the same exact issue:

Thank you

The ADAG pool is not setup correctly: hash mismatch and possibly topology updater is not configured.

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Thank you, where are you seeing the hash mismatch, is there a diagnostics tool we can find somewhere?

It’s a well kept secret: pool.vet
Don’t tell anyone or I have to kill you :grinning:


thank you, i checked pool.vet - Cardano stake pool checker, but couldn’t find anything about the hash mismatch, i do see a note about topology, but i’m not sure what to do with that :-/

The first time I checked there was a metadata hash mismatch, now it seems fixed.
Regarding the topology file, it’s just a warning saying that the pool is not using the topologyupdater script. It’s not a requirements, but it ensures that the relays are always connected to a sufficient number of peers.

I’m also having this issue. My pool looks fine everywhere apart from the yoroi dashboard. There is another thread on here that I’ve been commenting on but there doesn’t seem to be a solution there either. I’ve also contacted yoroi support but have had no response. A couple of new delegators have questioned if there is an issue with my pool and I’ve had to assure them. Does anyone have a resolution for this?

Oyster Pool

I see your pool in Yoroi without problems, from the delegation list.


Thanks but it’s the yoroi dashboard section that doesn’t show it properly, the section that shows who you are delegated to and displays a graph of rewards. It shows fine in the list of pools in the delegation section. This is the case not just for me but for my delegators also.

Ok, I guess it’s a Yoroi bug. The pool is correctly setup and is producing blocks.

Yes that’s what I think too. Thanks