Coincashew Step 13 - Can't see my pool on pooltool

Hi all - I have successfully registered my stake up as per step 11 and 12 of CoinCashew. On step 13 I am getting my stakepool ID and when I query with the my stakepool ID, I am getting a non-empty string in return. However, when I go to, I cannot find my pool with either my Ticker or Pool ID. Any thoughts as to what could be the reason?
Is my stakepool live? (The Nodes have been up and running for a day now).

Thank you for your help!

Check the pool by ticker or pool ID on

@Alexd1985 thank you as always. checked by both ticker and pool ID, both return not found.

Yesterday, before I had registered the keys and stake pool, gLiveView was showing my pool had processed 1 txn. So I feel the nodes are running fine. Currently gliveview shows my core node has 1 in and out peer and relay shows it has 3 out peers and 1 in. Not seeing any other errors while running the node.


The relays should have more IN peers, do u configuredd the topology updater to run once/hour?

What is the ticker/pool ID?

So that is step 14. Step 13 said after completing it, I should see my pool. Hence I did not move on to 14 yet. so as per my topology right now the core will talk to relay and the relay will talk to core and iohk.
Would updating the topology resolve this? also, I have not used all of the automated cardano-node run steps, doing that manually for now till I figure things out. In this scenario will it be a problem if i implement step 14, topologyupdater?

ticker Bmoon

The nodes are 100% synced?

Yes. 100% synced.

You don’t have a file named poolid or something like that?

I do have a stakepoolid.txt which is what i use to look up on etc.

  • I mean the ID i pull from the stakepoolid.txt :smiley:

I think I can manually grab other relays from:

How can I manually push out my relay topology to others so they can connect to me? Is it possible? official guide does not mention this.

U have how to configure the topology updater inside the guide… go to the next step

I did but I get the following error:

line 20: /usr/local/bin/cardano-cli: No such file or directory
{ "resultcode": "502", "datetime":"2021-09-09 19:27:36", "clientIp": "", "msg": "invalid blockNo []" }

It’s confusing me because 1) Cardano node cli is working. Guessing it’s not in the /user/local/bin directory now?
2) the ClientIP it’s mentioning is 1 off. ie the last number should be 8 not 9. not sure what the script is doing there.

Invalid means that the node is not synced… can u share the glive output?

and if u run again ./ what is the output?

Same :cry: :

/usr/local/bin/cardano-cli: No such file or directory
{ "resultcode": "502", "datetime":"2021-09-09 19:45:36", "clientIp": "108.XXX.XXX.XX9", "msg": "invalid blockNo []" }

Try cd /usr/local/bin/

ls -l
Do u have the cardano-cli there? Can u share the output?

nope it returns 0.
Not sure where it went… when i run cardano-cli it does function

Same 0 files also for the producer?

no producer has the cardano-cli in /usr/local/bin