Need help with step 14 of coincashew

cardano@peter-cordano-prodcuer:~/cardano-my-node$ cardano-cli query stake-snapshot --stake-pool-id $(cat stakepoolid.txt) --mainnet
“poolStakeGo”: 0,
“activeStakeGo”: 23277148789435534,
“poolStakeMark”: 0,
“activeStakeMark”: 23159940155010115,
“poolStakeSet”: 0,
“activeStakeSet”: 23275724668511213

Does this mean I am registered? I can’t find my pool in Symbol is “UDAR”.

Did u finished all steps including register the certificate?

I’m not seeing your pool show up either, what about Step 14 are you asking for help on? It’s about topology if I remember?

I went through that particular guide and rewrote it personally, to clean up a few misunderstandings/misinterpretations I ran into while learning. But the steps can be very maticulous in places and if you ran through it without any errors or issues, it should be smooth sailing for the most part.

Hi Peter, I have the same situation. I get a nearly identical response as what you show, when running the “query stake-snapshot” command, but I cannot find my pool in

Did you resolve this?

I wound up using

as a guide. I had some hiccups with this one too, but eventually got it to work. I got my “UDAR” pool to to work with this guide.

I see it showing up here:

Edit: just saw that you used a different guide. Glad you got your stake pool up though :slight_smile:

Thanks for providing link to the guide. I will check it out. I’ve been building my own wiki page from CoinCashew, but will look at this one to incorporate things into my own wiki.

I managed to see my pool show up on Based on a suggestion from AdaFrog here forum link, I discovered the hash of my pool metadata json did not agree with the published URL of this json data. So, I did a fresh CLI command “stake-pool registration-certificate” with the new metadata hash text file.

After submitting this transaction, I ran the CLI command “query stake-snapshot”, and I still get similar output with 0 for the poolStake- params, but my pool shows up on So, I’m assuming the mismatching hash of the pool metadata was the culprit.

I learned something else. When I submitted the tx to re-register the pool with correct metada hash text file, I also changed the margin. But,, still showed the old margin percent. Later, I noticed there was a little Red arrow by the margin value and on-hover it indicated the rate was changing.

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