Registration seems to be fine but pool not apear in pooltool and official pages

Hello there!

One week ago I finished the coincashew guide and the pool appeared at pooltool with the ID. I saw a post in here that said the pool name and ticker took a while to show up, so I was not worried about that.
But yesterday or two days ago the pool disappear and I really don’t know what’s going on.
Pool ID: 267e386d05726a75bc39924283ce73abb23170dcf2ed3efc6b37d6897dc13440
Ticker: ARBOL

Help me please!

It looks lime the pool is not registered… the 500 ADA cost for registration were deducted from the balance?


Hi Alex! Nice to meet you man!! You helped me a lot with your answers here :smiley:

It seems so, when i do:

cardano-cli query utxo
–address $(cat payment.addr)

My balance is only 16459453 (16 ADA) :frowning:

I can’t find the pool on

are u sure is the correct pool ID?

can u try to submit a new pool certificate? Did u followed the coincashew guide?
I saw you did… so try to create a new certificate, this time do not add the registration cost (500) ADA

OMG, I’m sorry, my pool ID is bd66ad684a309ecf52a049f9c7970def81a3a024dae8dfa6a23619f4 :sweat_smile:
Yes I followed the coincashhew guide.

The pool name and ticker name still don’t show up, it’s probably a problem with my poolMetaData file?
I have to do the 18.4 step again?

It looks like the metadata is not ok

Yes, repeat 18.4 but before check the metadata uploaded file…

Ok, seems that I used a wrong way to reduce the poolMetaData.json URL. :frowning:

I’ll repeat the 18.4 step with other page to reduce the URL.
Alex you know some page to do that the correct way?

Thanks a lot!


You are welcome :beers:

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