Cannot seem to verify pool existence on blockchain - CoinCashew Guide

I am at section 13 of the CoinCashew Guide
I have my stakepoolid.txt.
I then proceeded to verify whether the stakepoolid is in the blockchain.:
cardano-cli query ledger-state --mainnet | grep publicKey | grep $(cat stakepoolid.txt)

What i get back is nothing from the terminal…?
The guide suggests that I should get back a: 'A non-empty string return means you're registered!'
I checked at :
and my pool pops up…
Please can someone advise?

Yes, try also on

@Alexd1985 yes, my pool was found on this site also (

Ok, then is fine, check if ur Producer has peers IN/OUT, tx processed, blocks info, KES infos, etc

@Alexd1985 I’ve just set up the and crontab job. Need to wait 4 hours.

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