Checking Assigned blocks question

Hi All,

Just a quick question. When i run the CNCLI for next blocks… i notice it still says Epoch 270, Is this correct?


I don’t think so - for me it says 271

I am using this command

bash -x ${NODE_HOME}/scripts/ next UTC

Is this what you are using?

I run cncli-2.1.1 that comes with nessusio/cardano-tools docker container

alias cncli="docker run -it --rm \
  -v ~/cardano:/var/cardano/local \
  -v cncli:/var/cardano/cncli \
  nessusio/cardano-tools cncli"

yes, I am not running it on a docker.

So hopefully someone here is running a similar setup and can tell me im running the command completely wrong lol


Try to run it without the wrapping script:

If i dont wrap it i get same response. Epoch 271 now as i just tried it then

@AndrewWestberg any suggestion?
also you can submit a question on github:

The slot leader stuff is available 1.5 days before the new epoch. When you run CNCLI, you need to specify “NEXT”, and it will automatically get the ‘271’ epoch.
If you run the default command, cncli leader log, it will only do for current epoch.

Funny you say that,

I just ran it as Current, and i get 271 epoch again… and we are now 272…

I am resyncing the database and will try again. I must have something wrong with the config.

I have resynced it and now get 272.

0 blocks assigned for the 5th epoch in a row with 500k Live stake,

Thats fine, but do the 340 ADA just keep adding until you hit a block?

So for example
5 epochs * 340
= 1700

1 Block = 1500 example figure…

Does this mean i am minus 200ADA with my first block? and my delegators wont receive anything?

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The 340 is the fix pool reward that you get for the first block in any given epoch - it does not add up. It is also a cost to the delegator, because it gets subtracted from the epoch reward before the reset is distributed proportionally. The pool’s margin is on top of it - in both ways (i.e. a benefit to the owner a cost to the delegator). “cost per block” is the ratio of pool reward over epoch reward. A good reward calculator is here.

Ok all,

I had no assigned blocks according to my CNCLI this epoch,

Yet I minted a block overnight, Is this just pure luck? or is my CNCLI not working properly


Could you pls create an issue here? I’d be interested to hear what Andrew says about that.

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