Running Leaderlog

Hey Alex or anyone here,
Could someone share the steps on how to run the Learderlog process in order to check if I have any block on the way to my Block Producer node.
I’m using CNtools

First, u will need to install cncli

cd ~/tmp
./ -c
. "${HOME}/.bashrc"

then run from scripts folder

./ sync
wait till u will see 100% synced, the stop Ctrl+c and run:
./ leaderlog

Error message: Sigma API Error: No active stake found for pool!

Got this message after running leaderlog for my pool. Not sure if this has anything to do with the fact that pool was just created in last Epoch?

u don’t have active stake… wait till next epoch

So we have to run this once every Epoch?
Thanks Alex

Yes, u can run with 1,5 days before epoch start

Should we run it on running BP?

If u are using cntools yes, run in on BP to install the cncli

ERROR: failed to locate cncli executable, please install with ‘’