Can I Move Block Producer's SSD To Another System? Also, should Block Producer have only 1 peer in & 1 peer out?

In the past I built a relay node on one PC, then transferred that SSD from one PC to the other, and it runs fine. All I had to do was change the port forward to be associated with the new mobo. Is there any reason why it wouldnt be so simple on the block producer? I built the BP node on my primary computer, and now i’d like to move it to a different system.

Also, the block producer is supposed to have 1 peer in & 1 peer out, right? I just have 1 out, none in. I’ll have to update topology on relay and/or tinker with the port forward settings.

Yep, one peer in, one out. Which are both your relay connections in and out to your BP.

And yes, you could just create an image and then configure from there. But I found it is just as easy to build from scratch. Have both PCs there side by side and just work through the guide as you need.


Hey Jeremy thanks for your reply. One question: what do you mean by create an image? With the relay I just took the Ubuntu SSD out of one PC and plugged it into the other (via SATA cable). It already had Ubuntu installed and the node fully configured. All I need to do was change the port forwarding and the IP in topology.json

I meant just make a copy of the ssd so you have a clone of the PC. Don’t forget you need a relay and a BP to run a pool. How have you been working through your setup so far? Have you been following a guide?

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Oh okay great that makes sense. Yes I have both a BP and relay.

I used the CoinCashew guide and am at step 14 with just a few sections left to code in terminal on the relay (currently waiting on the 4 hour window prior to proceeding). My pool is live using the ticker MBX.

Good. I used the coincashew guide and found it helpful.

You might want to check a bit of your pool setup, have a look at the warings/todo here - Cardano stake pool checker

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what files did you move over for the bp?
the wallet files im guessing? im in the processing of moving my bp now too