..Connecting BP to Relay

Can somebody tell me if this looks correct? My relay node is still syncing, but I think they are connected now.

Yes.but your 1st screenshot with RelayIP:Port says relay and not Core… Please double check hat.

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Yes, I think I still need to restart as Producer node, have not got to that step yet

What guide are you following?

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Alex’s guide here on the forum.

Did u fixed?
On Producer u need to have the Relay to OUT and also to IN peers; on Relay same, u should see the Producer to OUT and also to IN peers

to start the producer as a relay un need to edit the POOL NAME from env … (paste the pool folder name between “”- case sensitive)

restart the node

I have not had time to do the wallet section of your guide. I have a daedalus wallet running on windows pc with 1000 ada in it. Should I make new wallet and keep this one seperate? and make a new wallet on the node and manage two wallets?

U can import the wallet

Why? lol
dont like P2P servers?

huh? send them an email and ask where is the abuse :slight_smile:

Laughing…I did. its probably because i setup relay in UK and not USA the USA server has no abuse

it should not matter the location; reply to them and told them that is a mistake :))


Wow. I had to explain cardano-node is not a virus process. Hopefully they will unsuspend my account. Welcome to the world of crypto!!!

Wtf! It’s first time when I see this :slight_smile:

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Hilarious. Whatever… only in crypto

:))) huh? If u are using the RAM over 90% they will suspend the service?:)))

ok they re-instated my server… but now it does not look like they are talking to each other any longer?

Same? Both servers are relays?

left is Producer, right is Relay. I think I did it correctly? I still have not setup wallet and restarted, so maybe this is the problem? Its just that before they shut my relay server down, I was seeing the relay IP in the Peer analysis but now I am not

the Producer has the same IP? also in topology file u defined port 6001 but on relay gilive output I see 6002

also please do not post pictures with Producer IP, or nodes username, etc