Starting... after 30m min

Hey guys, me again:D So my relay work (or should) work fine. But after ca. 30 min they lose connection and when I gLive again they have to start again. HmmmReally don’t know why. Should work tho

what is the server configuration?

What do you mean by that haha.
They still keep restarting every time I look into them

Idk if I should set the OOM score of the process to -500

comes up when I type dmesg | grep “oom-kil”

What is the hardware configuration of server (CPU, RAM, etc)

Shared CPU 8 vCPUs 16GB-Memory SSD-160GB 6TB-Transfer for BP Node and 8GB Memory for Relays

upgraded them when we were chatting :smiley:

8g for 1.29.0 will not be enough, if u upgraded already u should not have issues anymore

It’s so expensive :frowning:

Use contabo for relays :))) with 17$/month u will have 30G of ram per server

Is there any way to get all files there or do I have to build the pool back up again hmm

Yes, but for the moment u can migrate only the relays… and monitore… and if everything will be ok, then u can migrate also the BP

should do it but don’t know how it works really xD

Create an account on contabo, order 1 server first… then set up the node from 0, when it will be up and running (synced) u will connect the BP to it

how can i get the files over there then?

Which files?

will I be able to keep the pool or will I have to make a new one

Ofcourse u will keep the pool… the files for pool are on Producer not on Relays and even u will migrate the Producer u will can move the files to the new server

Ah so I’ll have to create 2 new relays but the BP Node will stay the same?