1/1 Undetermined in peer in GLiveView


I see that my stake pool hasn’t made any txs yet or anything, it looks like it is successfully connected to my relay via Out Peer but it says my relay for In Peer is Undetermined and doesn’t seem to be working. I just changed my config on my block producer to accept the public ip address of the relay but it only shows that Change in the out Peer and not the In Peer.

Any help is appreciated!!

It’s fine, that message is because the server has the ICMP reply disable

The relay has more IN peers?

If yes then go to config file and set TraceMempool to true

Restart the node, now should see tx processed

The relay seems to have only one In Peer but 14 Out Peers, the in peer is itself, is that correct? It also is using a random port it seems.

Thanks so much for the quick replies and help on this!

Also, I just noticed in my first pic the in peer port is random there as well…

Everything is ok except that u don’t have any other IN peers beside your BP

Do u run the topology updater script on relay once/hour? If yes can u check the messages from logs file?

I’m sorry, how do I check the log file? I haven’t found that yet

But did u set the topology updater, did u followed the coincashew guide?

I followed “How to set up cardano in a few minutes with CNtools”, you did a fantastic job with that guide! But I didnt add the topologyUpdater to cronjob until now thank you very much for telling me. I just reran the topologyupdater.sh and restarted the relay and it still shows 1 in peer, im guessing it will take time?

Nice to met you :))

ok,delete the job from crontab

now cd $CNODE_HOME/logs
ls -l
nano topology…lastresults (I can’t remember the name)

What is the last message?

Nice to meet you as well!! I know you get it a lot but I see you all over the community and you’re so helpful and fast, we are thankful for you!!

It says one request per hour please, I guess I’ll wait about an hour and check the result? Does CNTools enable the automatic run of topologyUpdater.sh?

U enabled when u ran deploy-as-systemd.sh and y choose Y for topology updater…

But do you see only one message?
cd archive (inside logs folder)
Again ls -l
nano topology…
here do u see other messages?

u should see the message glade you are staying with us…after this message other public nodes will connect yours (you can check after 6-10 hours…) and when it will happen you will also should see tx processed… in case u have IN peers but no tx processed check insite config.json TraceMempool - it must be set to true ( I saw that now by default is set to false)

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Ah that’s right and that’s the step where we said No for the block producer.

Yeah it was only one message at the time, it now has another message that says the same thing “one request per hour please”, I made sure to delete the crontab job but I bet it triggered again during the hour timeframe. I checked the archive folder and it says the same two entries. I’ll give it a while to see what it says!

Thanks again for the fast replies and help, I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Ok, check next hour for the message, btw what is the ticker?

Okay! And the ticker is COR, the name is COR Stake Pool

on adapools.org is fine, perhaps pool.ver not updated

Yeah its weird, I modified it a few days ago to fix the metadata hash but pool.vet still tells me the hash is wrong even though the others say its okay, I did another modify this morning to list my relay as the external ip but I set the relay port to 6001 instead of 6000, I thought 6000 was the block producer, did I set that wrong then?

Nope, it’s fine, now it will use 6001 instead 6000 (both servers can use same port)
Then everything is fine, u should see from moment to moment more IN peers on relay; just have more patience

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Just got the message “glad you want to stay with us, but please check and enable your ip:port reachability”

I’ll check the ports like you said and then will see what the next message says.

Thank you so much again, very much appreciated!!

Yeah, it’s seems the PF is the issue

Just made a change in the firewall, checked yougetsignal.com on port 6001 and it says it is open so I will check about an hour from now!

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