No TxT count on new stakepool


So I managed to setup the relay node and adjusted both topology files correct. Yet it seems that the relay node can’t process the transactions. Could anyone help me out with this?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Ghost,

I was having the same issue, I believe you have too few other relays connected to your relay node. Please make sure to have something between 15 to 20 active peers.
Also might worth looking at the IOHK testnet topology json whether your relay address is being broadcasted to the network:

Thank for the fast reply Mister. I am runnig the node on mainnet though.

I believe there is an automatic topology updater script for Linux. It pushes your relay address and pulls current online relays to your topology.json file. You should be able to set up a maximum number of peers to pull as well. I haven’t used it since I am still in a PoC phase on the testnet, but you should be good to go when searching for cardano or something very similar.

Please let us know if you find a working solution. It might come handy for the rest of us when making the transition to the mainnet.


I ran topologyUpdater and it worked.