Relay alle time just 2-3 IN Peers


i hope im right here :slight_smile: Relay and Producer workings as well (i hope). TX increase. Im Listed on Topology.json… nice. But i get all time just 2-3 IN Peers on Relay (inkl. Producer). That should be more right? Thx for your Support buddies

ps: i have the TopologyUpdater Version from Coincashew. There are no “Peers” or Custom Peers. Maybe is this wrong?

Ticker GDL, GoodLife

*.110 Producer


cat mainnet-topology.json 

“Producers”: [
“addr”: “*.110”,
“port”: 6000,
“valency”: 1
“addr”: “”,
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 2

reading your topology file from the relay I am guessing that u are not running the topology updater script, also run the script and restart the node

but u have the script which should have the default of 20 out peers, but for in u need to run everyhour the script (with crontab)

cat > $NODE_HOME/ << EOF






PS: check the last log messages from topology_updater script… what is the message?
should be glade u are staying with us!

Ah sure, i have never launched it. I did it now. But first i started this on blocker :confused: Hopefully nothing happen. Thx

After starting of Pull Script i get:
Producer: OUT 3, IN 1 (this is not good right?)
Relay: OUT 4, IN 1

Jop, last Message is:
glad you’re staying with us

I set just old mainnent-toplogy.json on Producer back and put just the Relay Adress on it. Niw seems to be be connected gain just to the relay.

I got error in topology.json after running. Something with IPv6. I edited just for IPv4 with -4 and seems to be working now. Grafana

curl -4 -s -o $NODE_HOME/${NODE_CONFIG}-topology.json -…”

2 IN
24 OUT

but u need also to have more IN peers.

I have still just one with 158 RTT from USA :confused: (for server in German…) what can i do please? I have to go to the Work. But i appreciate your support. Thanks

ok, see ya later then, perhaps more IN peers will be added automatically