TopologyUpdater / No Peers in

After not getting in Peers with my P2P set up on both relays, I set one of my relay in P2P=false mode
as @Alexd1985 suggested to find where the problem is. Unfortunately I am still not able to get in peers.
Port is open, topology file looks ok (BP is top of the list) so I don’t understand what is going on.
Please, could you please help?


Hi, I am having the same problem, and currently also only run 1 relay in P2P.

Do let me know if you find a solution.

Thank you!

no Prob, I will.

Are you running the topology updater script? What is the log result? You need it to announce your relay presence to other nodes so they can discover you and then connect.

Hi, I already post the topology file. thanks

Yes, that is your topology file you will have generated using the topology pull, but you need to use the topology updater to announce your relay. Have you been doing that? Otherwise no other relays know you exist.

Yes. I did.
I launched it again this morning and we stand here (see pic).
I will have to wait a little so it finishes its work and then restart the again i suppose.
Could you please explain to me why we have to stick our BP local IP in the topology file?

Yes, it will take some time for the other pools to find your relay but with the topology updater script and successful results, as you can see in your log file, you will get some incoming peers.
But you don’t need to run the topology pull again, as you have plenty of outgoing peers.

In terms of the block ip, you need the relevant BP ip so your relay will also connect to the BP, and visa versa.

Do you have connections between your relay and BP?

Yes I have.
The 3 nodes are making Txs like crazy!
For the time being I 've got only one incoming peer from outside on the NonP2P.
The P2P relay is showing only one incoming peer even though by pressing “P” I can see my NonP2P relay and my BP as incoming. But it does not look bad.
thanks, Laurent

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Very good. The peers will grow as more relays discover you (i.e. they run the topoology pull script and generate themselves a new list of peers in their topology). So it is important you keep the updater script running so you stay on the list of known peers.

I am still running the updater script even though I am running p2p, so that my relay is found by p2p nodes and by non-p2p nodes using the old method.

@adaspear i am just trying to learn more and I noticed your KES keys are outdated, is this on purpose? For example says it’s on 781/61, does this mean you can’t produce any blocks right now since they won’t be valid?

61 means remaining KES (61*1.5=91.5 jours)

Jours = days

Keys aren’t outdated, they are valid for a few more months

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I see, I think I misread that and thought it was last year, I guess it’s showing the total keys evolutions with that large 781 number, my bad :slight_smile: