topologyUpdater issues

finally setting up my pool on mainnet using the coincashew guide but I’m running into issues with the topologyupdater (step 14). Ive installed the script and set it up as in the guide but I’m not really seeing any new connections in my gLiveView for my relay nodes. Similarly the mainnet-topology.json seems to be unchanged. Anyone else running into this issue?

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Have you run the topology pull script too?

I did indeed. Restarted the node too just for good measure

nevermind, seems to be working now. Reinstalled the updater script and seemed to work.

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OK, now my producer node has no inbound connections anymore? Any suggestions?
Thanks again

  • Looks like topologyupdater on my relays isnt adding in my block producer to the topology file. Is there some way to add it in manually to the topologupdater ?

Went on Telegram and asked around. Credit to Tom De Brouwe [NIMUE] for figuring it out. The problem was in the topology pull script. In the curl command the commas ( , ) need to be replaced by colons ( : ) between the ip, port, and valency. Once updated it immediately fixed the problem. BP and iohk showing up in topology.json now.

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