Topology Updater Troubles

Heyo, I cannot seem to make topolgy updater work correctly, or maybe i just don’t know how it works, So the thing is that it works automaticlly as it should from crontab, i get a log.txt file which if i check gives me output messages, welcome to toplogy etc. BUT i do not get an updated topology file or does it only update after three hours ? AND IF SO where is that file ? Does it replace my topology file from ENV > mainnet-topolgy.json or does it create new one ? Thanks :wink:

asuming u followed coincashew guide u need to have another script created… fetch topology… try to run that script… it will overwrite the configuration inside the topology.json file

hmmm where can i find that thing again … ? lol , Yes i did follow the guide, uhmm i cannot seem to find that script, ok you know what my chinese food is coming so I’ll look into it later xD

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Ahh i see, hmm very interesting, ok i see the script now, so how come my other relay does not require a fetch script then ? all i use there is the same thing i use on this relay aswell even the hardware is the same cool shit , thanks alex have a good one

Ah i seem to have a small problem with fetching topology now, this script does not include my custom peers, is there a way to type in these peers into fetch topolgy script ?

but… tell me, are u using cntools? Because in coincashew guide u have to define the custom peers inside the fetch script

mmm nope i’ll take a look right now :slight_smile:

Ok, please tell me the difference between topologyupdater script and relaypullscript.
From what i understand relaypull needs topology updater to work, but topology updater greets you to the network and gives you an updated topology file, so why the heck do u ineed relay pull ? I don’t see the point of it or am i missing something ?

The script was adapted to fit coincashew guide

OK , gotchu, i have one more question, now what i see in my relays is Out In stats,

Now i’m thinking my relays needs more In connections because the way i understand is that these are most important connections right ?, like we interchange and get connectivity through out cardano,
The only In connections are my BP,RL’s and some random guy from topology, does this increase with time or should i get back to work ?

It will increase in time, as long u have tx processed is fine