Error after method

Error after method

Momo please be advised you are exposing your IP - I presume this is a relay is you are using topologyUpdater, correct?

Also, I do not use topology updater scripts so someone else will need to help!

Can you try running the script from the same directory as your topology files?

Your friend, FROG

Yes this is the relay and I’m only learning to launch on mainnet. I will retire the nodes and start fresh after I feel like I’m 100% capable.

Even when I try to run the script from the topology I get same issue. Will wait till tomorrow then reinstall the relay without the script


I think the node startup cant read the topology.json file. Is the format of the topology.json file correct?

If yes, then I am asuming you use cntool.

You only get the new updatedtopologys after 4 hours. You need to send 4 request for the download of the updatedTopology File. Did you wait for 4 hours?

Did you add the following line at the end of the

curl -s -o /opt/cardano/cnode/files/updatedTopology.json

And did you change your node startup script to the new updatedTopology.json?

I did the setup with this configuration.

Cheers, Nirvana