Issues with topology

sorry guys/gals, I feel bad for asking so many questions. I’m following the coincashew guide and got to the step where I need to install topologyUpdater and update my topology. When I get to the part where I need to make the and restart my relay nodes I noticed that its not adding my block producer into the topology file. This results in my producer node not getting a connection in from my relays. I’m wondering if anyone figured out how to solve this?

the is:

    cat > $NODE_HOME/ << EOF




    curl -s -o $NODE_HOME/${NODE_CONFIG}-topology.json "\${BLOCKPRODUCING_IP},\${BLOCKPRODUCING_PORT},1|,3001,2"


You need to edit the script file with your BP ip address and port.

Sorry, forgot to mention I already did that.

What result do you get from the topooloyudpater script? (in your log file)

{ “resultcode”: “504”, “datetime”:“2021-04-15 02:57:02”, “clientIp”: “”, “iptype”: 4, “msg”: “one request per hour please” }

It looks fine. Now setup a cron job to run this every hour. Not less, not more. After 4+ hours you get an answer ‘Glad you are staying with us’ instead of ‘one request per hour’. Check the topology.json file - your BP must be in it. If so, restart the cardano-node and you’ll be good to go.

Went on Telegram and asked around. Credit to Tom De Brouwe [NIMUE] for figuring it out. The problem was in the topology pull script. In the curl command the commas ( , ) need to be replaced by colons ( : ) between the ip, port, and valency. Once updated it immediately fixed the problem. BP and iohk showing up in topology.json now. Hopefully this helps others out too.

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