Topology updater script problem with ip

Hi there, I first wanted to say thanks to everyone before hand for posting their issues on the forum, I was able to setup my stake pool with the various guides available and solve basically every problem with setup because of a previous post.

I’m making a post because I have gone through other posts related to this issue but can’t seem to find a fix. My relay and block producer and connected to the internet through ethernet cables, I am using internal ip’s 192.168.x.x for both nodes, nodes are fully synced and I port forwarded so the nodes can talk to each other but when I am trying to setup the updater and wait for 4 hours I get this error

{ “resultcode”: “403”, “datetime”:“2022-03-08 04:33:22”, “clientIp”: “70.95.xx.xx”, “iptype”: 4, “msg”: “glad you want to stay with us, but please check and enable your IP:port reachability” }

the 70.95.xx.xx appears to be my wifi’s public ip I’m not sure if I should be using this instead but I tried checking ports on it and they are closed too

and have the relay ports open on 3001 to allow from anywhere on relay and on block producer
I have 3001 open only the the internal ip of the relay
on adapools my relay has a red error, when I registered I didn’t put dns or pv6 so idk if that is the problem

also on I get these error
ticker is [MORAL]

Relay node 192.168.x.xx:3001

Can’t reach relay node 192.168.x.xx:3001

Check manually that the [topology] for relay node 192.168.x.xx:3001 is configured

Relay node 192.168.x.xx:3001 is missing in [topology.json]

also I used the port forwarding tool and checked my ports on internal ip’s and it says they are closed but I have rules added on both nodes to open the ports

would appreciate any help, thanks



U registered the relay with the private IP… u should register the relay with the public/dns instead

And also if u have a private LAN u will need to open a port (port forward) on your local router

all traffic coming from internet with destination port 3001 (relay port) should be forwarded to relay internal IP address (192.168.x.x) port 3001



Hey Kevin, if both nodes are local, you only need to open the port on your relay node. For example, my local relay has port 6005 open to external and internal connections, while my block producer has no ports open.

Your relay node’s topology.json file should be set to your block producer’s IPv4

Your block producers topology should be set to your relay node’s IPv4.

Hi Kevin,

Use your local address between your relay and BP 192.168.x.xx but make sure you register your pool with your public ip address that is static and make sure you can accept incoming traffic on that port in your firewall. It sounds like you have registered your pool with your 192.168.x.xx address, but that won’t be reachable from the internet/other relays.

Do you have a static IP address?

@Alexd1985 @J_Sal Hey guys thanks for all the information I port forwarded on my router easily with an app provided from the isp, port is opened on port checker and now only has one more warning

Relay node is missing in [topology.json]

do I just wait for the 4 hours now for topology updater to add after succesful pings?
Also should my tx’s on my block producer be at zero? I’m wondering if there are other ways to tell that my node is ready to produce blocks.

Thanks again for all the help.


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as long your Relays has also 0 TX, it is normal to see 0 TX also on PRODUCER… but u can check inside the configuration file if u have set to true the line TraceMempool

here is an old topic


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You can tell if your producer is ready to produce blocks by checking its “missed slot leader checks” on GLiveView. If this number is below 1%, you should be fine.

Also, ensure that you have an incoming and ongoing connection on your BP (from your relay node).

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