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Hello -

Hoping those who use TopologyUpdater can give me a hand… I believe I set everything up correctly yesterday, but I am not getting an updates. When I check the topologyupdater log I am seeing this error:

{ “resultcode”: “501”, “datetime”:“2021-02-13 14:20:23”, “clientIp”: “[My Relay IP]”, “msg”: “invalid hostname not pointing to client IP” }

Anyone know why?


Did u changed this line?



I sure did. Do I need to add a port to the IP as well, or just my relay IP?

Nope, set it to default
Your name should be resolved by the IP in order to use it!

OK, yes it just lists my IP and has since yesterday, but still the error appears and no updates.

Change it to default and try again

The topology updater must be used only on relay and it should looks like that:

CNODE_HOSTNAME="CHANGE ME"                      

To custom peers u can add more static connections if u have more trusted peers 



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Ah! I updated:


And now got the respond “nice to meet you” so I assume that worked!

Thank you as always, Alex. It is very strange that the instruction says “CHANGE ME” but it does not want to be changed?!

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Yes it can be used, but u didn’t read the instructions from the right… u can use the name only if ur IP solve it, like a dns record for ur IP…

You are welcome, anytime… after 4 runs (3 hours) u should see glade for staying with us…