Topology.json for use private ip for BP node but register public ip?

Hello Cardanians,
i’ve searched the forum for this but i could not find out if it works or not:
If i use the private ip of the Block Producing node in the relay-topology, but register the relay node with it’s external ip - will it work ?

{ “Producers”: [{
“addr”: “”, // My Block Producing node
“port”: 3000,
“valency”: 1
//Further External Relays …
] }

Node registration
cardano-cli shelley stake-pool registration-certificate

–pool-relay-port 3001 \

{“Producers”: [{
“addr”: “”, // My Relay node
“port”: 3001,
“valency”: 1

I’ve searched the forum for the answer but i could not find proof that this works.
Please help if you know the answer! :slight_smile:

These are the similar topics i found but with no luck:

on the relays, you can use topologyupdater.
do you know about this solution?

in topologyupdater solution, there is script where you add the IP of your BP, so that the topology file will be prepared to communicate with BP + an amount of other relays on Network.

please let me know if you need support for the topology updater

Hello @tsipou,

sorry to say that but thats not related to my question.
The topology updater is fine, but for the static entries i want to know if i can use my internal ips in the relay-topology.

should work… you seted private IP between BP and relay, but public IP between public Relays and ur Relay… as long your Relay has the port opened and accepting connections from outside… should be fine… and yes, if you are using topology updater on ur relay, you should check the messages from logs…

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on your producer you need the IP of your realys…
on your relays, you need to connect to your BP and to the rest of your Cardano network.

sorry but i have understand you ask about the settings on topology file.

ok mate , :wink:
thanks to Akex :wink: