Log Error With Topology Updated

I am having an error in the logs when topology updater runs.

{ “resultcode”: “403”, “datetime”:“2021-01-31 15:22:04”, “clientIp”: “”, “iptype”: 4, “msg”: “glad you want to stay with us, but please check and enable your IP:port reachability” }

I found a post referring to the firewall, which I fixed and restarted the node. Still no luck. Also port forwarding is setup on both block producer and relay.

Additionally my relay does not show up on https://explorer.mainnet.cardano.org/relays/topology.json

Check the port, it seems to be closed (perhaps u have aditional fw in cloud);
this log is from relay right? Both are running on the same server?
What port do u set for relay?


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Ports 6000 and 3001 are open in cloud and firewall is off to test if that is the problem. Yes this log is on the relay. They’re cloud servers running on the same network. BP and Relay are communicating fine though relay only has 1 peer in.

Both ports are closed in fw

image image

Check your cloud fw, u should add a rule to allow all trafic to specific port


Got it, I was able to open port 6000 on the cloud fw, for some reason 3001 was opened but isnt showing it was opened, Im using microsoft azure. Any ideas

What port are u using for relay 6000 or 3001?

Both 3001 to talk to relay node network and 6000 between my BP node

I don’t get it… what port did u seted in env file for relay… or what port are u using when u start the relay (in case u don’t have the env file)?

I see port 6000 open and 3001 still closed… please check again the port 3001.

What is your pool ticker?

my CNODE port in env file is 6000BP1 Relay1
Also here is the 2 live views of my nodes incase that helps

Ok, so for relay u are using 6000, great now it shows open, wait for the next topology run and check the logs again… should be fine now

What is ur pool ticker?

Got it thank you! Pool ticker is TAPIA

Ok, let me know the status

Sorry for the late response, pool shows up on adapools and yoroi though it isn’t showing on daedulus or pooltools