Setup new Pool - no incoming peers and no TXs

Hi All,

Just recently setup my new Pool details below. Everything checks out although im not getting any incoming peers and hence not getting and processed TXs. Can somebody add my relay to their custom peers so i can confirm TXs?

Ticker - OZGRN
Relay IP -
Port - 6000

Every now and then i get an incoming peer other than my BP, it stays for 10-20mins then falls back to just my BP again. Relay has been registered for a day or so. I have confirmed my relay is part of the topology.json.

Thanks for your help!

You must wait for other nodes to restart in order to connect yours

Thanks Alex,

I have been running for around 2 days now, is this normal to not have any incoming peers and to have not had any TXs?

Also quick question, i followed the following guide (Guide: How to build a Cardano Stake Pool - CoinCashew) to setup my Relay and BP, i have noticed that it doesn’t include steps to create automated systemd to execute and restart node every 24hours. Is this something i should do?

Thanks for your help.


Yes, try to run and restart the node