Relay Trouble

One of my relay (Japan) is keeping shuting down since 2 days ago. It runs for couple of hour then killed. I see some spike in my dashboard. This probably the reason why it got killed by the VPS.
I haven’t update to 1.29.0 yet. But, I just upgrade my VPS from 8GB 4CPU to 16GB 6CPU. Hope this can solve my problem. If this is okay, then I plan to upgrade to 1.29.0 tomorrow.
Did anyone got this same problem?

Maybe you ran out of RAM and oomd killed your cardano-node. This primarily happens where there is zero Swap available.

As @hanswurst mentioned it’s probably a RAM issue. Other SPOs with 8GB RAM complained as well. But to be sure see in you kernel logs if the process was killed due to low memory.

Thanks, I just want to share in here, just want to know if anybody get the same problem or not.
So far after upgrade memory, looks good. I’ll wait for 1-2 more days to see if everything alright.

And I got this another problem. The relay “IN” peers I got this a lot of Tehran,IR IP like hundreds of them but the RTT is “—”.

I already block the IP and restart the firewall, but I cannot remove this. Did anybody also get this? How to clean this? And is this effect my relay?