Relay Node and Block Producer specs


I have two machines of different specs, one to serve as the Relay and the other as the Block Producer.
Intel Core Quad Atom Z8350 1.92 GHz processor

Intel Core Quad Atom Z8350 1.92 GHz processor

Question is, which role should one give to the higher spec machine?? (I am guessing better specs for the BP, but want to be sure?)

Thank you

Any chance you can throw more disk space into that M1?

Other than that, PoW chains generally aren’t that CPU intensive so you are good there.

I actually think I’d put the more overpowered machine up as the Relay - it’s doing all the principle communication with the Cardano network and the BP is just sitting around minting blocks.

See if you can dig up old posts around validation rate/etc… I believe if I remember from the network configuration settings you get 30 seconds to reply before it moves on (NOTE: I could be remembering some other network settings though)… try and get an idea of what it takes to validate the blocks, if it’s not horrendous, I’d put M2 as the relay and M1 as the BP behind it.

I could, but I also have a spare 128GB USB3 stick, is that as good as an SSD in such a situation?

Also why do both the Relay and Block Producer both need a lot of space?
My assumption would be that the Relay simply acts as a gate keeper (as in, doesn’t really need to save/store much data)

thanks for the info