Easiest Way To Clone Block Producer and Relay Nodes? (Ubuntu Desktop/CoinCashew)

EDIT: I have created a guide on How To Clone Your Block Producer Node

Hope it helps!

Original Thread: Hey everyone, was looking into creating additional clones of my block producer and relay nodes to upgrade their storage and also act as redundancies. However, there appear to be a few different approaches to this task and I’m wondering which one is the easiest route.

I’m on Ubuntu Desktop using the CoinCashew guides. I am attempting to backup my relay off a 4TB HDD and my BP from a 120GB SSD. Ideally, I want them moved each to 500GB SSDs as their permanent homes.

Would it be easiest just to flash the 500GB SSDs with fresh instances of Ubuntu, copy the Cardano-cli and Cardano-node off the BP into the new usr/local/bin(s) (as well as bringing over all the other Cardano files from /home/my-cardano-node) then rebuild the nodes using steps 1-7? Would this work?

Or would it be best to learn one of these cloning softwares? If so, which one would be recommended? I have Clonezilla on a bootable USB, but wasn’t sure if that is a feasible option for this. Thanks in advanced.

Edit: just to be clear I’m going from…
4TB HDD —> 500GB SSD (Relay)
120GB SSD —> 500GB SSD (Block Producer)

Any of the ways you describe will work. Whichever way is more convenient to you will work. I would do the first one - just copy the files to new instances.

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Thank you George!

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