How To Clone/Backup Your Block Producer Node (Guide)

Hey everyone, I’m working on a few stake pool guides to hopefully build upon the great work CoinCashew has done. Right now, I’m looking for somebody to check my work on my most recent guide which shows how to clone you block producer: How To Clone Your Block Producer Node — Maine Blockchain LLC | Official Website

I think there may be some redundancies in the guide I can taper down on. For example, I’m not sure if its really necessary to copy over your current BP’s “cardano-cli” and “cardano-node” since these will be rebuilt regardless. Also, I am unsure exactly what files need to be pulled over (maybe just pulling over the KES keys would be sufficient)?

In either case, these are the steps I followed to successfully clone my BP. Could be useful to have a backup BP at a friend/associate’s house in the event of an outage at my primary location. It goes without saying I am NOT running two BP’s consecutively.

Thanks for your help!

Update 1: added translator function