Migrate block producer node to new server

hey, what is the best way to migrate my block producer node (BP) from one machine to another?
Is the following procedure correct?

1/ install Cabal and GHC
2/ build node from source
3/ copy config files from old BP to new BP (producer keys like op/node.cert, vrf.skey and kes/hot.skey)
4/ stop old BP
5/ change topology and connect new BP to registered relay node
6/ start new BP

The steps provided are the correct way, also u can stop the old producer after the new one work well

for a fast synchronization u can copy the DB folder from old producer to the new one


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cool, thanks. but i thought i cannot run both BP in parallel?
Or is it ok as long as the relay nodes just connect against the primary BP?

It looks it will work… few pool operators are using this scenario (not recommended) but will be fine if u run both for few minutes