How to migrate BP node to a new server

I am thinking about upgrading my server running my BP node. Anyone have good tutorial on how to migrate to a machine with as litte of downtime as possible?


Install the new node, let it sync and after move the file to the new node and start it like a producer (before stop the current BP)

This way u will have a downtime around 1 minute


Thanks Alex, what are your thoughts on running the old BP node in parallel for redundancy if the primary node goes down? Is there an easy-ish way to do that or is that all custom script sort of stuff.

You can do it manually or automatically

Check this topic… if u need help or more infos open another topic and asq for…

Can you kindly suggest which files needed to move from old server to new server?

Hmm, u can move only the 3 files needed to start the node as a producer… or u can move all files that u have on old server

You mean node.cert,vrf.skey and kes.skey. right?

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yes, after this stop the old producer and test the new one