Move pool and wallet files to new server

I am setting up new servers with more memory and want to keep my current SANTO pool registration. Alex suggested that I can just move my pool and wallet files from old server to the new server? This sounds scary to me! lol can anybody make suggestions? Do I just tar them up and replace them? Every thing that is under /opt/cardano/cnode/priv? I might need help doing the tar commands and then moving them? what about the scp command to copy between remote servers?

why are you scared? first you can encrypt the files - cntools - wallet/pool - encrypt
the sensitive files will be encrypted (payment.skey stake.skey cold.counter cold.skey cold.vkey) then you can move via scp, sftp etc…

then try to decrypt the file on new server (for password/compatibility test)

even if you not using cntools you can use an encrypted way to upload the files… this way you should not have any reasons to be scared

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i tried to use scp command but it didnt work. can you give me correct use for ip to ip? i think ufw is blocking i only have two ports open on each server

In case your SSH port is not 22 but set to a custom one, you can set the -p flag to scp.

ie: scp -p 12345 ./file.tgz user@remote:~/files

ok i got both new servers BP and Relay with 30g ram each synced and talking processing transactions but my BP still says Relay in glive? does this change when pool is registered? or in my case when i put pool/wallet files from my old 8gb server?

Check the env file… did u edited the pool name line?

Also for vrf.skey u will need to change the permission

chmod 400 vrf.skey

Did that restarted still says relay but i have not moved my pool and wallet file there nothing in /priv yet

I managed to scp my old /priv to my new server and now its says core in gLive. Looks like it remembered my KES rotation date which makes me feel good lol, but now i cant run it spits out what looks like an update readme file?

figured it out had to press q to quit vi lol

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So now my question is what happens to my old block producer server? its still running with same pool and wallet files? Should I Iet it keep running? I am scheduled to receive rewards tomorrow sept 2, what wallet will it send them to? lol certainly not both?

Both? U have the same wallet in both core nodes… anyway it’s not ok to run 2 core nodes same time…

So what should i do?

U wanna keep the node? U can use it as bkp producer maybe… or u can turn it off. It’s up to you

i want to make sure i get my rewards tomorrow, after that i can keep the old server as a backup but its running 1.27 I am also concerned about the duplicate wallets at two different IPs is this going to cause problem?

No man, u have only one wallet… it’s like u are using same daedalus wallet on more pc… same wallet

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the rewards will arrive even if the server is offline and you should know that the wallet is always one, even if you open it on multiple devices.
You should be careful when doing the switchover to avoid missed blocks. You can know in advance when you’ll get a block using cntools