Cannot retire stake pool

Hi there, some epochs ago I retired my pool using cntools. When I go pool → show it says it is still registered but when I go to pool → list its says it is not registered. I have not received my 500 ada back :frowning: on my CLI wallet. Now when I try to retire again is says ‘WARN: No pools available that can be selected! Required files: cold.vkey, cold.skey’ even tho I never took out the keys from my server and the keys are in the pool priv folder. Has anyone had a similar situation? Pool name is ALMA. Would appreciate any input.

The pool is not retired, upload all files on priv/pool/pool_name folder including the pool.cert and try to retire again

Hi Alex, thanks for the reply. I believe I have all the files in my private folder. See below:

But the same error keeps showing that I am missing cold.vkey and cold.skey when trying to retire. I was thinking maybe I need to reinstall cntools and recover the pool and wallet? But how would I go about this?

You don’t have the pool.cert file

Should be node.cert in your case, and you will need to rename to pool.cert

I have not moved any of the files in this folder. Would it be the op.cert file that I need to rename? Or is there any other folder I would be able to find the pool.cert file? I wonder how it got lost and if something happened when I retired my pool some weeks ago.

Should not be lost
Try to search that file in your old/bkp files… but when u deregistered the pool… the transaction was ok?

Also, u don’t have any pool wallet asociated…this should be

When I deregistered the transaction was ok. Or at least something saying the transaction failed didn’t pop up. Where would I find this old/bkp folder? cant seem to find it. Also, how can you tell I don’t have a wallet associated and how would I fix this? I don’t know if this matters but when I deregistered the pool I made the mistake of killing my relays before deregistering. The node was still synching tho.

Aaaa, then that’s why the deregistration wasn’t completed, the BP didn’t sent the transaction to the blockchain
What version does your node run?

PS: u didn’t bkped the files when u created the pool? On an offline machine or usb

Or maybe u have a snapshot of the server before to deregister the pool?

I upgraded to 1.29. This is currently running:
glive view

Unfortunately I didn’t. I know it was bad practice from me. I saved them after I deregistered hehe. But the files I have are the same ones I see on the folder rn.

Yes but right now u don’t have the pool.cert file
and I think it was removed when you tried to retire the pool
have patience, we will try something, via teams if you want.

Sounds good! I’m in no rush. We can do teams.

Hi, just wanted to mention how this was solved in case this happens to anyone else. The problem was I did not have the pool.cert file. The file was lost when I tried to retire the pool but the transaction did not go through. To solve this, the pool.cert file was recreated using:
with the appropriate file directory references and pool information.

After this I was able to retire the pool.

Thanks again to @Alexd1985 for coming up with the solution.

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