CNTools migration help

Hello everyone, I am running my Stake Pool about 3 weeks from now. My pool was made through Cardano Stake Pool Course instructions.

Reading this forum and talking to another users arround, showed me that CNTools and CNCli scripts are quite handy and necessary for Stake Pool Operation.

I am struggling to migrate my already registred pool and wallet to the folder structure, I didnt find anything similar here or on the web.

My question is: which files are mandatory to that migration, since cardano official instructions results in general to a pair os keys and some certificate (payment / stake / kes / vrf / cold)

Some of those keys on CNTools are even named differently, like KES keys, i think the name was changed to HOT keys; node.cert, named op.cert.

Also, payment adresses and stake adresses has a three / four pair of files. On basics we get payment/stake .vkey .skey and .addr extensions.

Anyway, is someone facing the same problem? Apreciate your help.

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Does cntools start?
U need to move the wallet files to priv/wallet/wallet_name/ and ofcourse rename them

should be:


  • ignore gpg extension

and the pool files to priv/pool/pool_name/

should be :

  • COLL Kes (3)

U will need to rename some of them

lol…iam having same issue…did you get working? how did files translate over? i dont want to guess.

its not clear which files match with which.

having same issue

I ended up closing my older pool to merge my servers to a partner’s now we are ADAZUL pool. At that time we decided to begin from zero and using CNTools, it was quite easy. The migration however is not so difficult, but you hove to understand CNTools folder structure, wich is quite unclear over the tutorials here. I recomend you to try CNtools on testnet to understant how it works. Migration from cardano stake pool course files will be easier.

Check comment nr 2

DO NOT delete the old files, make a copy