Is it possible to get cntools to interact with wallet/pools that it didn't create?


I set up my pool using Cardano-cli and not cntools. I was wondering if it is possible to now install cntools and use that to manage the wallet, pool etc? Are there instructions on how to do this retrospectively?

U can but u will need to re-adapt the paths for some files , to identify and rename the wallet/pool files, etc

Thanks Alex :slight_smile:

All I want to do is move ADA from our payment address to our Yoroi wallet address. I’m really struggling to work out how to do that.

Our plan to set up a stake pool didn’t work out unfortunately so what I have done just now is issue the pool.dereg tx so I guess I need to wait for that that to complete first right?

Did u registered (paid the 500 ADA cost)?

yes - it was registered correctly, so all up and running. We’ve had it running since 31st March, but we just haven’t had the time to promote it as well as we would have liked so have made the decision to Dereg.

What is the ticker?

The ticker is SHALP

Ok, so u retired the pool, u received back the 500 ADA as a reward and now:

  • claim the rewards
  • move the funds from cli wallet to another wallet

Can u share the address from payment.addr?

Sure - 6f03eceae3b6c2ef6f80dfcfded31116d8ed90292642e7a9e77ef3b16543c0b7

I’ve issued the retire command with earliest epoch for retirement is: 287 so waiting for this to complete now.

No 500ADA returned yet.