Adding more to my pledge

I have set up my pool.

If I want to increase the amount in what I pledge, will I need to rebuild my pool or could I just add to my payment.address?


U have few errors… also 10% for margin it’s a bit to high (perhaps u wanted to set 1%)

for increasing the pledge u will need to declare the new pledge (the balance from wallet should met the new pledge) on a new pool certificate and submit to the network

If u used coincashew guide u can find how to do that on coincashew guide … step 18.x modify the pledge, etc

I took instructions from

Could I just use cntool or coincashew?

If u have cntools it’s easy

cntools - pool - modify

I was looking at another forum topic where you helped someone through setting up producer and relay. Could I simply move all of my files in the old documentation folders and move them to the folders using cntools? And could i use it to change my margin and all of that?

You can migrate anytime to cntools but u will need to adapt some files but also coincashew guide it’s fine… only that u will need to create the transaction manually

I’ll try cntools and I’ll let you know of the results. Also, I appreciate how quickly you respond to questions. Not only mine, but I have seen other posts where you are very helpful to other people as well.

But before to install cntools make a bkp to all your pool/wallet files (upload on an usb and keept it offline)
cntools will generate another folder tree and u will need to move few of them… also to edit the bashrc file

Then u will need to move the wallet files to
and pool files to
and the files must be renamed

While setting up my new environment with cntools, I discovered that I have ada located in different addresses which I would like to consolidate. I have myWallet.addr and its corresponding skey and vkey. What is the command to move ada from this addr to another addr? I have searched for a few hours but can’t find anything.

cntools → funds to perform transactions … but u need to have the files inside priv/wallet/wallet_name/

also the node should be synced

The wallet that I want to transfer from is on another server. I will bring these over, create a new wallet where I have cntools installed, then do the transfer from one wallet to another. I’ll try this. Thank you.

hmm u can copy the files from that server and upload them to this one … in a separate folder on priv/wallet/

or use coincashew guide … step 18.x send a simple transaction

my method worked. thank you.

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If I could ask you a question. I was chatting with another cardano group ( and they were saying that in order for a stake pool to actually produce a block you need 1 Million ADA staked to your pool. In your opinion is this accurate? How could someone starting out like I am be able to get 1 Million ADA in their stake pool? If this is true then mining bitcoin or ethereum seems to be the better route.

you didn’t understood well… so… it’s all about luck here… more ADA staked/delegated to your pool = more chances to create blocks… you don’t need to have 1M to start the pool… you can start it even with 10ADA if you know how to attract ADA holders to delegate to your pool…

the above affirmation is correct … probably you will need 1M ADA for an average of 1block/epock… but not as a pledge… as a stake (from other people)


No. I understood that. So I need to market my pool so I can get people to stake 1 Million ADA. This seems quite daunting.

:)) I spent months trying to attract delegators :slight_smile: It’s not so easy

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