How to increase Active Stake / Pledge

Hi Cardano cummunity,

Some background:

I’m a strong supporter of the Cardano cumminity and decided to give it a try to setup a stake pool, as many others before me :slight_smile:

I have followed the coinchashew guide, realizing that I instead maybe should have choosen Alex guide on CNTOOLS xD

After completing the guide and registering the stake pool, I have an active pledge of 100Ada submitted according the guide registration script.

Though I only has a Live Stake of 2 ADA. So my question is, how do increase my active stake to set it on par on my declered pledge? i.e How do I increase my active stake / active pledge?

I consider myself a newbie on Linux and stake pool operations, so I excuse myself for “stupid questions”

I have googled and searched the forum for a answer, but have only found answer on how to increase the “pledge amount” but not the active stake.

Ticker CRTR.

Best Regards,

if u are using cntools go to pool - modify

if not use coincashew guide

in your case u declared 100ADA but the wallet has only ~2ADA, so you have to options:

  • send the difference amount to the pledge wallet address
  • lower the pledge by following the above guide


Hi Alexd! Thank you for your quick reply,

  1. Do I understand you crrectly, I can simply just send >88ADA to the pledge wallet adress?
  2. If Yes to 1. Can I use any wallet such as coinbase etc, to send the missing pledge to the adress below?

Is the pledge wallet adress the following (marked yellow in picture)?

Super greatful to your expertize and support, with answering a ton of other posts you have already helped me 100 times.

Not all heroes were capes :slight_smile:


yes for both questions (actually for all 3 questions :D)… you are welcome, anytime :muscle: :beers:

PS: not 88… 98 ADA :stuck_out_tongue: or 100 ADA, this way you will have ~2,6 ADA available for next transactions fee

Thank you Alex!

Increased the active pledge according to your instructions! :star_struck:
Sorry the 88 was a typo xD


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