Using Modify in CNTools


I have recently registered a stake pool using CNTools but changed the description parameter for the pool in the meta.json file with the Modify option in CNTools. When I check it is giving me the Metadata has does not match registered hash. Does it take a while for the system/network to acknowledge the changes I made through Modify? It’s been a couple hours and I saw the ~1 ada transaction went through like I read about.

Thank you for any help or tips! Excited to be a part of Cardano!

I think has a delay

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Yes, last time we made the change it took some time. We did it at night and the next day it was fixed. If all the steps were followed correctly then you should be fine.

When you update your poolmeta file it downloads the file in your pool folder. Just open the file and verify the metadata hash is the new file, it should have a new one, different from (this should have your old hash).

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Yes, I’m hoping that is the case here! I checked this morning and it still shows my old hash and not the new one, I will check later to see if it updated yet. Thank you for the responses!