Metadata update error

Hi all,
I have updated my metadata.json file and modify my pool using by CnTools, but when I check the pool on, getting a hash error, has anyone any idea? so, how will I update my local metadata hash …
Thanks in advance

Metadata hash a8b6e95b2a9d9b629035365edacda8b8c910405000f6997ebb0b3bb5a105d5fb doesn’t match registered hash 7071ae2be5116f08a1d49d64f68c76e71e16890def6d33653bdd2f4ce71a4ccf

hmm, when u entered the url for metadata in cntools it was ok or it asked u to insert the description, ticker, pool name, etc manually?

can u share the url where the metadata is stored?

Hi Alex, thanks for replying.


Also my extended json is in stored in same spot.

By the way, I have seen my extended.json informations on (icon, about etc)

go to cntools - pool - modify - add the pledge, margin, cost and when it will ask for the metadata url add the url provided and then press enter… you should see a message with metadata was found… and it will ask you if u will want to use the infos

go till the end and submit the transaction (but only if the above is true)… let’s check after

I have done all these steps yesterday but will do it again.
But interestingly when I check it on the PoolVet, it says extended metadata missing, however, I am able to see all my extended data in ADApools.

it seems the has an issue, but your pool is missing from which is not good.
you can wait… few days

yes, definitely it seems the has an issue. I did not understand why you don’t see but I am able to see when I check, and Anyway, I think it needs a bit of update time. Thanks a lot.

Right, on mobile I see it, then it’s fine

i can confirmed has an issue because I also modified the pledge today and on was not updated yet


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I updated my metadata a few days ago and didn’t update the info yet. So I can also confirm that it’s a issue.

Hello can you tell what is the problem with poolmeta_extended.json pool ticket CHIPI thanks

delete ,


Thanks you! Meta files

Basic meta is valid.

Extended meta is valid.

[name] => Cheaper Stake Pool
[ticker] => CHIPI
[description] => Cheaper Stake Pool Always Low Margin
[homepage] =>
[nonce] => 1630515399
[extended] =>

|Extended Meta URL||
    [info] => Array
            [url_png_icon_64x64] =>
            [location] => New Jersey USA
            [social] => Array
                    [twitter_handle] => cheaperPool
                    [telegram_handle] => Stake Pool [CHIPI]

            [about] => Array
                    [me] => Single Pool Operator
                    [server] => Block Producer: 7th Generation Intel i5, 4 CPU, 16GB RAM, SSD 250GB. Relay: 7th Generation Intel i5, 4 CPU, 16GB RAM, SSD 250GB. 300 Mbps Fiber Optic. Cat 8 Ethernet LAN Cable

            [my-pool-ids] => Array
                    [0] => 071e5664b4c8055da08899fa7a4af70e33aa78ff625908fd6ca27eba

            [when-satured-then-recommend] => Array
                    [0] => small pools - support decentralization



now is valid take time to update? the poolmeta_extended.json

Yes, it can take time, be patience

Thanks you are the best!