poolMetaData problem

Hi all, I’ve setup the cardano node months ago, and everything was going well, some days ago I changed the poolMetaData.json site description but I forgot to recalculate the hash on the air gapped server… when I realized the problem I’ve changed back the file and now the hash is correct but on adapool site all the info about the pool are missing, I’ve checked on pooltool.io and everything is fine, could someone help me?

thx a lot


Try to log on adapools.org go to manage and metadata (meta) section… there u should see the error

Hi Alex, first of all thank you for your help.
I’ve logged in adapools but I can’t find any menu like manage or metadata


  • click again on login logo, you should see this:

after that click on Dashboard

got it

did you have idea why the is no more the / between the site and the file? and how to fix it?


The link should not be

http://www.fourbrothersforada.com/poolMetaData.json ?

I see in ur image that the / after .com is missing …

yes exactly, but I’ve no idea why the / is missing and how to fix it


Check the last pool certificate… perhaps will be better to submit a new one which also will include the extended metadata

Hi Alex, I revert back the metadata, what I’ve done is just change a word in the description field and when I realized that the hash is not correct I edit the file and delete the word, infact now the hash is correct.
I just would like to fix the problem with the adapools site and not resumbit also because nothing as changed in the file.


Yeah, I am not sure why adapools see that URL