Creating a Stake Pool with cardano-node 1.18 and CNTools (Mainnet Candidate 4)

For anyone in need of video guidance on how to upgrade cardano-node and register a stake pool on the MC4 network, here’s a video covering that.


Hello, Damjan; First it of all want to thank you for your great tutorials, However I keep receiving this message when trying to run "CNTools"if not an error which will be attached to the very message. I’ll be more than grateful to you a hint or any other necessary info to get it working. Thanks in advance!

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Looks like you haven’t run the latest Go to CNTools GitHub and run wget on the latest script. That should set you up - there has been a recent change and they decided to use .json instead of .yaml so you might have an old .yaml file on there which it is using. Looks like it’s just a warning also so I think everything might work anyway? Let me know how you get on.

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