Very newbie but maybe close to success

Hi, I’m trying to get a stake-pool working. Right now I have a relay and a node syncing but they are way above the current slot #. Also I read left and right about something CNODE. I dont have that. Is it something that was used in previous releases?

Anyhow, I’m in the 788XXX now… Its very suspicious.

Please halp !!

It depends what source do you have;
I inspired from here:

Also they have other esucational videos;
Take a look

Or you can use:

Good Luck

The videos from EDEN Pool are quite useful. If you watch their videos and read up on cntools here (Guild Operators) you should be good. The guild operators put a lot of work in setting up these tools, they are super helpful :slight_smile:

I have 73 tabs open, watching these videos and reading. But many videos are for testnet or version 1.13 1.18 etc. Also I installed from source cardano node only and I read that people get cntools in a package with cardano I believe. I need to find out how to install it if I already have cardano node running.