Node version 1.29.0

Hello guys and gals, anyone upgrading to 1.29.0 already?

Any resources available on how to upgrade?

Hey everyone
I’m upgrading to 1.29.0 right now. Posted some details on how to do it but the spam filter seemed to dislike I added links. Will re-post shortly :slight_smile:

Alright, everything working as expected.

To upgrade to 1.29.0 you can follow these steps:

  1. Compile or download 1.29.0
  2. Add the following two lines to mainnet-config.json:
      "AlonzoGenesisFile": "mainnet-alonzo-genesis.json",
      "AlonzoGenesisHash": "7e94a15f55d1e82d10f09203fa1d40f8eede58fd8066542cf6566008068ed874",
  1. Create mainnet-alonzo-genesis.json with the content here Ensure there is no newline at the end of the file. The file MUST end with a } in the last line so the hash matches.
  2. Stop the currently running cardano-node
  3. Replace the current binaries with the 1.29.0 ones
  4. Start cardano-node once again
  5. Monitor to ensure everything is up and running without issues.



I’m guessing this upgrade must be done by Sep 12?

Are there any instructions for testnet? I don’t want to test this on production. Where can we get genesis file for testnet and the hash?

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yes, and it runs properly…
i dont have block, will have in 2 days.

All relay and producer nodes updated with no issues.

Haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary yet!

As per the latest supported configurations can be found here:

See testnet cluster.

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Wrote an upgrade how-to here for CoinCashew users:

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