Upgrade to Node 1.30.1


I just received recommendation from IO SPO announcement (telegram channel) to upgrade node to 1.30.1 within next week. Would it be possible to upgrade using Guild-Operators suite?

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You are using cntools?

Yes. I’m using cntools

Then check my topic… how to update to 1.30.1

Strangely after upgrading I’ve lost cardano_node_metrics_connectedPeers_int metric. All the rest are fine, just that one is no longer returned. Has anyone else seen this?

nope, try curl localhost:12798/metrics | grep Peers

Do u see anything?

Nope, empty.

Without the grep I get all the other metrics so I know the exporter is fine. Is there a log level or something similar that would explain this?

Check the node_exporter service

it is up and running?

sudo systemctl status node_exporter

I have prometheus-node-exporter running.

I am seeing metrics such as cardano_node_metrics_txsProcessedNum_int so it’s super weird that just the peers one has gone.

Hmmm did u also downloaded a new config.json file, check inside…? a lot of metrics were set to false by default… set to true, save the file and restart the node

I’ve got it.

So it seems changing the "minSeverity": "Info" to "minSeverity": "Notice" stops that metric coming through. That’s crazy…?!

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thanks - i’ve been trying to work this out for hours.

also yes - it’s crazy. Severity should only affect stuff written to console. ffs.

Do not see it here explicitly so will mention it, found out on this github post that you have to enable TraceBlockFetchDecisions.