Upgrade to Node 1.30.1


I just received recommendation from IO SPO announcement (telegram channel) to upgrade node to 1.30.1 within next week. Would it be possible to upgrade using Guild-Operators suite?

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You are using cntools?

Yes. I’m using cntools

Then check my topic… how to update to 1.30.1

Strangely after upgrading I’ve lost cardano_node_metrics_connectedPeers_int metric. All the rest are fine, just that one is no longer returned. Has anyone else seen this?

nope, try curl localhost:12798/metrics | grep Peers

Do u see anything?

Nope, empty.

Without the grep I get all the other metrics so I know the exporter is fine. Is there a log level or something similar that would explain this?

Check the node_exporter service

it is up and running?

sudo systemctl status node_exporter

I have prometheus-node-exporter running.

I am seeing metrics such as cardano_node_metrics_txsProcessedNum_int so it’s super weird that just the peers one has gone.

Hmmm did u also downloaded a new config.json file, check inside…? a lot of metrics were set to false by default… set to true, save the file and restart the node

I’ve got it.

So it seems changing the "minSeverity": "Info" to "minSeverity": "Notice" stops that metric coming through. That’s crazy…?!

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