Stake pool version upgrade

Hello all,
I’m running a stake pool in testnet, the current version of cardano-node is 1.29.0
I saw the new version is available, 1.30.1

Am I forced to update to 1.30.1?
What happen if I do not upgrade? Am I able to mint blocks the same?

Thank you all

Alessio Dini

if you still using 1.29.0 don’t update your gliveview cause it’s only working with 1.30.1

They said 1.30.1 is a required update, so I assume not updating might affect block production, but can’t tell for sure.

All SPOs and node users must update to this (or a later) version prior to the HF to Alonzo PV 6, or risk not being able to sync to the network

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Thank you all for youre reply! I will upgrade in few minutes to 1.30.1

Thank you again! :slight_smile: