Do I need To Upgrade To 1.31?

had to take my nodes offline to move them to their permanent location. Everything went well and block producer boots into gliveview just fine: 1in, 1 out, 100% synced.

They relay node appears to be functioning fine (journals look good) other than the fact that I cannot access GLiveView. Whenever I try to run the script I am told I need to upgrade to 1.31.

How do I do this? Is it necessary that I upgrade on my block producer also?

Thanks in advanced

Edit: I also now have 1 fork in the BP node. What does this mean? Also, I used CoinCashew guide for everything else.

Edit2: looks like coincashew only has guide for up to 1.30 (How to update a Stakepool - CoinCashew) Any suggestions?

Hello @J_Sal

Did you check out @Alexd1985 from [CHRTY] post about upgrading to 1.31 yet? :smiley:



Try this one if you used the coincashew guide, Update Cardano Node to 1.31.0 - for Coincashew users