1.29.0 when do we need to update?


I read in release notes that " All users, including stake pool operators, must upgrade to this version (or a later version) of the node"

That’s great - but when? I suppose for now this is only necessary for testnet clusters? I will go ahead and upgrade our testnet nodes, but I am bit reluctant to deploy right away to mainnet, at least until we have enough time to properly test this together with all tools and scripts.

Also, important question. There is this information:

    • Update mainnet-config.json file to include the following 2 lines:
  "AlonzoGenesisFile": "mainnet-alonzo-genesis.json",
  "AlonzoGenesisHash": "7e94a15f55d1e82d10f09203fa1d40f8eede58fd8066542cf6566008068ed874",

But what are these values for the testnet? Where can we download testnet genesis file and what is the hash?

Does anyone have more information about timing? Thank you

I found the testnet genesis here: https://hydra.iohk.io/build/7370192/download/1/testnet-alonzo-genesis.json



so… apparently it’s identical to mainnet

Are there any official statement from CF or IOHK about when we need to update 1.29.0 for mainnet?

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Github release announcement wasn’t all that clear. I got the impression that it needed to be done now, so I went ahead and upgraded (not minting any blocks right now). Sounds like the official rollout is Sept 12 if testing is successful https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1djGXqrpPMNJZ

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Thanks for your reply. But, I rather wait official statement from IOHK of CF or probably wait about a week or two, to get more feedback.
I really looking forward to hear from them soon.

Updated yesterday myself and haven’t encountered any issues