P2P - Yes or No?

Want to get a quick consensus on if we should be running P2P on our nodes.

We currently have 1 Relay running P2P, so far no issues. Just wondering if others have completely transited to P2P only?


No, as far as I remember, we should only run one node in p2p at the moment (that being the official guidance). I know there’s some who have been running p2p exclusively for a while now.


  • If you want your pool to have better connectivity to the rest of the cardano network.
  • If you want your block propagation times to be lower so you are less likely to lose blocks due to “fork battles”

Hi, do you mind helping me with an issue I am having?

I currently have 1 relay on P2P, however it seems that it is only allowing my BP outgoing but no incoming connection.

Any idea what the issue is?


The issue you describe could be a firewalling problem. But, without knowing how your network is set up it is hard to say.

Do some testing using cardano-cli ping from each node to the other.

I would recommend that you put both your relay and your block producer in P2P mode. For some example mainnet-topology.json files for each check out this post.