Low custom peers question (P2P)

Cardano-Node P2P

Hi, I am running a node with P2P but I only have 3 incoming peers. Great to see this working but why do I have such a low peer count. Is this due to low P2P usage over mainnet. Any Europeans running P2P, if so what are your peer counts?

All the best, Jack [9000]

I had that on test net, I think it was because my node wasn’t being discovered by other p2p nodes. I ended up getting someone to add me manually and then all of a sudden got heaps of connections.

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Right now we do have only 2 incoming connections. I think the more stake your pool has, the more incoming connections you get.

That cannot be. Other nodes on the network cannot know how much stake you have (or if the node belongs to a stake pool at all).


Might be the case. Sounds somewhat logical not exactly sure how my relay is getting broadcasted so something to look into. Thanks