One Relay Node has Significantly less In Peers than the other

Hi there,

We’re currently running two relay nodes. One in Europe and one in New York. They’re both up and operating fine and both showing in the topology.json.

These are the peer counts for the two nodes.



Could there be a reason for the low peer count on the USA relay? Or is it nothing to worry about? Both have been running for a couple of days and are processing TX etc aok.

Ticker is CDINO


If it is in the topology.json it takes a while before other nodes start to connect to it. I would say matter of time. Specially if those 4 nodes are not your own nodes.

It’s actually been in the topology file for about 3 days. And the second node where all the connections are was only added to it yesterday. Very strange.

The node IP’s are (Lots of peers) (Not many peers)

No issues, both node are processed the same amount of TX; have more patience… anyway to send the block to the network u will need OUT peers not IN

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I think it is the opposite. You do not push, but others pull from you, so you need IN connections to get your blocks propagated to the network and OUT connections to keep your own tip and mempool upto date.

Have a look at the topologyupdater’s log file on your “unpopular” relay. there should be a record each hour saying sth like glad for staying with us.

Yep no problems there at all in the log.

Everything “should” be working fine and be getting incoming connections but i’m simply not getting any.

RTT are all blank aside from the IP to the Block (this is it’s private internal IP)


Yeah the issue i have is the other node was only build last night (and is already filled up with IN’s) This one has been operating for days and basically has nothing.